Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Greetings From My First Blog

Dear Stowe High School Parent/Guardian,

Happy holiday greetings from my first blog! I have decided to move from a quarterly newsletter to a weekly blog. While I enjoyed creating Raider Pride every quarter or so, I feel the need to communicate with you on a more regular and timely basis. I also
needed to join the 21st century!

I hope to discuss broad issues of education, school events, and much more.

This Friday we will hold our traditional Holiday Assembly, but, we will begin the assembly with a moment of silence for folks in Newtown. As a faculty and staff we are in discussion on how we will reach out to the faculty and staff of the Newtown High School sometime in February after the media glare has abated. This seemed like the time when these folks could benefit from our outreach.

Enjoy your family and friends next week. My daughter is coming to stay with us on Saturday along with her significant other---OMG---could this be an engagement announcement?

Season's Greetings,