Monday, January 28, 2013

The Second Semester Begins!

Hard to believe we are already in the second semester of the school year, but, away we go. I hope you and your student(s) feel comfortable with second semester schedules. Be sure to give Amy McArdle, SHS Guidance Counselor, a call if something is not quite right. Report cards will be distributed on Friday. This week is also the first high school Friday Program. We will be conducting our annual assembly on the logistics and expectations of Friday Program tomorrow with the student body.

***Security Drill:  Safety and security are, and have been, central to our work here at Stowe High School. Towards this end, we will be conducting a campus-wide security drill, along with Stowe Middle School, during the week of February 4, 2013. The exact day and time will not be announced. We will announce to students very clearly that this is a drill. First responders from local agencies, as well as a representative from the VT State Police will be on hand to observe our drill and participate in a debriefing afterwards. Stowe Police Chief Don Hull has worked with us closely to plan this drill. Please take a moment over the next week to talk with your daughter/son on the need to follow directions and behave in an appropriate manner. We will review expectations with students in teacher-advisory tomorrow.

Have a great week folks! Think snow!!