Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Never Taking the Climate for Granted at Stowe High School

So far this year I have reported on academics, student engagement, personalization of education, co-curricula activiites, and, more. This week I would like to give you an update of work coming up soon which addresses an important climate issue in our school. While our school climate is generally positive, productive, and, healthy, we can never assume this is the case for all students. Bullying, for example, exists at some level in all high schools and communities. Our data, and, our experience tell us it exists here as well. Our faculty & staff, parents, and, students have been working hard to take a preventive approach to bullying. Here's what is coming up:

          A World of Difference---is sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League. AWOD is designed for students and educators from public, private, and parochial middle and high schools, grades 7-12. Students and educators will explore issues of prejudice and be presented with knowledge and resources to promote prejudice-free schools and communities. Bullying in schools most often originates in root causes based in a hateful perspective of some 'group' of people. This program asks us all to "Imagine a World Without Hate".

This afternoon, March 27, myself, Mr. Murphy, and Mrs. Carpenter will lead a group of eight middle and high school students as we attend a Youth Congress on A World of Difference. We hope our experience will help us to decide whether this program is a good fit for our schools. Since the start of the school year we have also conducted research and made site visits to schools in Vermont that have already implemented A World of Difference. Please stay tuned as we explore what schools around New England have learned from their experiences with this program.