Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Busy Month of May!
Dear SHS Parent/Guardian,
Forgive me for not posting for awhile---spring is hectic to say the least. As we 'spring' through the last few weeks of the 2012-13 school year I would like to highlight a few items for your attention. As always, I urge you to check the 'Daily Announcements' and 'Calendar' sections of our website.
Annual SHS Prom is coming up this Saturday, May 18. This year the prom is hosted by Boyden Farm in Cambridge. The hours, as per Boyden Farm, are from 8-11 p.m. Students must check into the prom by 9 p.m.
Every year this is both an exciting and anxiety-filled event. The excitement of relationships, formal dress, and a capstone social event of the school year is tempered in adult minds by concerns over safety and good decision-making. Tomorrow I will be pulling the student body together for a brief assembly to convey my expectations for appropriate conduct. I would ask you to help me by reinforcing  the following points:
  • Safety first! If driving, do so with care. The available routes to Boyden Farm are VT roads; they demand attention.
  • Substance free! Temptation is real: a moment of poor decision-making can impact one's character, school record, and, of most concern---your physical well-being.
  • Keep it classy! You have invested in the evening with careful preparation, and, some expense: dance and act with dignity.
  • No drama! Have a great time, but, be considerate of others.
 I will have a full complement of teacher-chaperones present. I will be present all evening. We have a police officer to monitor the exterior of the facility. I will conduct a screening check-in of all students upon arrival. Please be aware that if I suspect a student of being under the influences of substances, I will place a call home to you. Students in vehicles under the influence will be referred to the police officer on duty.
Mr. Ritzo is at present on medical leave. Some of you may of heard of his health struggles. I have been authorized by his wife Marie to inform you that he is being treated for cancer. He will undergo surgery at the end of this month. Subsequent to the procedure he will be further assessed. Please keep him in your positive thoughts. If you wish to send any notion to him, you are welcome to leave it with Charlene at the front desk. I can always drop anything to his home as I pass by it on my way home.
We currently have a long-term substitute in Mr. Ritzo's classroom. Her name is Ms. Alissa Raboin. She worked most recently at the Winter Academy and comes to us highly recommended. I have been very satisfied with her work in this difficult situation.
Wishing you a great spring day!
Jeff Maher