Friday, September 27, 2013


On behalf of everyone at Stowe Middle and High School---thank you S.E.F. for funding implementation of this valuable school climate program at both schools. S.E.F.'s help will tide us over until we build annual funding into the next budget cycle. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Les Goldberg for his long-time advocacy of  "A World of Difference". Further, new middle school principal Dan Morison has been quick to jump in with his support to implement in S.M.S.. Finally, I'd like to thank fellow program advisor Roger Murphy for his leadership within our school with students and peers.

At this point, we have trained our initial cohort of high school students, conducted a parent information night, and, trained the high school faculty. We also had a follow-up meeting with our student cohort to begin to structure their work within the high school. This will be an on-going process supervised by Mr. Murphy and myself. Next week, Mr. Morison and I will meet to discuss a plan for middle school implementation.

"A World of Difference" will indeed make a difference here at Stowe Middle and High School. Students, teachers, and, parents alike have reacted favorably to its philosophy and methods. I'll keep you informed as we continue through the school year.

Have a great, 'Raider' weekend!!!