Thursday, August 28, 2014

School Year 2014-15 Arrives With the Senior Class Entrance

The Class of 2015 Arrives!

We head into the Labor Day weekend with the school year off to a great start at Stowe High School. Our seniors set the tone with a fun and respectful arrival Monday. Following an opening assembly I took the opportunity to talk privately with seniors. We discussed school climate and their ability to model the kind, inclusive, supportive atmosphere we want in our school. I have confidence this class will lead the way for their younger peers. On a related note we will be recruiting a new cohort of 25 students from all classes to participate in the school climate program A World of Difference. Formal training for the cohort will take place on October 21 and 22. If your daughter or son has not already been trained, please consider encouraging them to do so. 

Stowe High School is in the process of transitioning to Google as our platform for communication and organization. All teachers and students have been given Gmail accounts. Many teachers are piloting Google Classroom as a means of organizing classroom assignments. Please know that the expectation is students will use their school account as the sole means of communication and organization within the school. Private accounts will no longer be used. 

Technology upgrades are also changing our personal learning plan---Anagnorsis. While the plan structure stays the same, we have discarded the old digital portfolio, EPearl. Instead, students will use their Google accounts to create a portfolio using Google Folders and Sites. Teacher-advisories have been busy this week setting up their portfolios. We will conduct additional training for grades 9-11 on the afternoon of September 19, an early-release day from classes. All students except seniors will remain at school in the afternoon for Anagnorisis. In addition to technology, we are also emphasizing training which supports students to reflect well and ask probing questions of the artifacts they choose to include in their portfolios. By doing so, students prove these artifacts are evidence to demonstrate progress towards our building-wide graduation requirements of: 1) communication 2) problem-solving 3) decision-making 4) initiative and 5) service. 

IMPORTANT: the PSAT will be administered at Stowe High School on Saturday, October 18 at 7:45 am. Please see Charlene to register. The cost is $15 and checks should be payable to Stowe High School.  If you pay and are unable to take the test, there will be no refunds available!

Due to stringent college board guidelines juniors must sign up by September 26. If space permits, sophomores will be able to sign up from September 29 - October 10. There will be no late registrations allowed. We will test 60 students so juniors should sign up today!!!

I look forward to talking with many of you as the school year progresses. Please never hesitate to contact me. 

Jeff Maher