Monday, September 22, 2014

 Seasonal Change

Just as we begin to see change as calendar autumn begins today, so does the school year have its cyclical rthymn. The hurly-burly of opening days, the 'newness' of each new school year has settled. With the establishment of routine and schedules though, comes substantive progress as we work with students by class, subject, and school-wide. 

Last Friday afternoon all students in grades 9-11 spent the afternoon working on their personal learning plan which we call Anagnorisis, an ancient Greek word meaning 'Discover your Identity; Plan you Future'. We are working especially hard with students on coaching them to improve their skills associated with reflective thinking. To view the materials we used on Friday, and, to help you follow along with our Anagnorisis initiative, we have created a website on Anagnorisis which is located on the existing school website on the left side of the page. The link to the site is:

We all should be proud of how Anagnorisis is taking hold in this school. I think we can now begin to see its transformative power and not just potential. As students are graduated from Stowe High School each year, we will have confidence they have not only reached standards in our academic curriculum; but, they also will leave as problem-solvers, decision-makers, and communicators---and will have practiced taking the initiative and giving back through service to others. 

Focus on Instruction

Ms. Wells explains the telemetry of the rocket launch to a student in one of her earth science classes. The launch was the culminating activity of an inquiry lab which emphasizes the concept of 'experimental design'---HRICCD---or, hypothesis, repetition, independent variables, constant variables, control, dependent variables. 
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And did you catch last Friday's Girls' Soccer game at P.A.? What an exciting win! Go Raiders!!

Have a great week, 

Jeff Maher